Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brittles & Bark Ideas

I just completed a demo at Surfas Gourmet in Culver City this last weekend and made some amazing Brittles & Barks and here are the ideas. Recipes available let me know you want one.

Cinnamon Cashew Brittle - bright red color - use less or more Cinnamon it is wonderful

Bacon Bits Peanut Brittle - can't put this down

Candy Cane White and Dark Chocolate Bark with and without Peppermint Oil/Extract it is great

White and Dark Chocolate Dried Cranberry with Pistachios Bark - unsalted nuts used

White Chocolate, Pretzel Pieces and Candy Cane with Peppermint Oil/Extract - AMAZING

Peanut Brittle with mixed nuts is wonderful alternative to regular Peanut Brittle

Kirsch Chocolate Dried Cherry Marshmallow Pistachio Bark this has small marshmallows, dried cherries, unsalted Pistachio nuts and melted dark or milk chocolate. Cut to preferred size.

It is always good to add a bit of French Salt and some pure Vanilla Extract for the best flavor enhancing. You should consider the butter you are using and use unsalted European is great as it has a higher fat content for more flavor.

This was a great gift idea for holidays as I gave out tons of wrapped up brittle to friends, family and business associates. Keep this in mind for thank you gifts, Valentines Day gifts and more. They are easy to make, don't cost an arm and a leg and don't require a lot of cooking time and store very well. There are quite a few books out and all the recipe sites have some sort of recipe for a brittle and bark. Check them out!

Have good holiday everyone!
Chef Sandy

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