Saturday, March 21, 2009

Craft Service Anyone! New Pilots Welcome!

Henrietta Poodlestones Bake Shop is a craft service bakery delivering 7 days a week and servicing the film and tv industry in the Los Angeles area. We offer a very large variety of products from breakfast, snack goods, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, candies, birthday cakes, wrap party cakes, gift baskets, thank yous, set dressings, green room goodies, vegan, sugar free and so much more. We welcome standing orders for short or long term projects and can fit into your budget requirements.

Give us a call and get FREE Samples delivered to you to put out for cast and crew get comments immediately and set up a standing order. Let us handle this for you.

Sandra Mallut - Pastry Chef/Owner
Henrietta Poodlestones Bake Shop
Phone: 818-439-6680
Email: sandra@henriettapoodlestones.c

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brittles & Bark Ideas

I just completed a demo at Surfas Gourmet in Culver City this last weekend and made some amazing Brittles & Barks and here are the ideas. Recipes available let me know you want one.

Cinnamon Cashew Brittle - bright red color - use less or more Cinnamon it is wonderful

Bacon Bits Peanut Brittle - can't put this down

Candy Cane White and Dark Chocolate Bark with and without Peppermint Oil/Extract it is great

White and Dark Chocolate Dried Cranberry with Pistachios Bark - unsalted nuts used

White Chocolate, Pretzel Pieces and Candy Cane with Peppermint Oil/Extract - AMAZING

Peanut Brittle with mixed nuts is wonderful alternative to regular Peanut Brittle

Kirsch Chocolate Dried Cherry Marshmallow Pistachio Bark this has small marshmallows, dried cherries, unsalted Pistachio nuts and melted dark or milk chocolate. Cut to preferred size.

It is always good to add a bit of French Salt and some pure Vanilla Extract for the best flavor enhancing. You should consider the butter you are using and use unsalted European is great as it has a higher fat content for more flavor.

This was a great gift idea for holidays as I gave out tons of wrapped up brittle to friends, family and business associates. Keep this in mind for thank you gifts, Valentines Day gifts and more. They are easy to make, don't cost an arm and a leg and don't require a lot of cooking time and store very well. There are quite a few books out and all the recipe sites have some sort of recipe for a brittle and bark. Check them out!

Have good holiday everyone!
Chef Sandy

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Henrietta Poodlestones Bake Shop

Pastry Chef Sandra Mallut has created Henrietta Poodlestones Bake Shop a local Los Angeles company servicing the Entertainment Industry via baking for Craft Service for Film/TV. Sandra created her company in tribute to her late grandfather who created the character Henrietta Poodlestone when she was a child. She promised that no matter what she did in life she would name her own company after Henrietta Poodlestone and she did. This is her passion and it shows in her products. She has many credits to her name and working hard to gain a name for herself and to keep her clients full and happy. Sandra also works at some of the local Award Show Gift Suites with local Event Production companies throughout the Award Show season.

She appreciates all business that has come her way and thanks all of her customers for working with her. Also offering goodies to public anyone can order any goodie that is offered by Pastry Chef Sandra Mallut.

Check us out! Henrietta Poodlestones Bake Shop offering FREE demonstrations at Sufas Gourmet in Culver City check calendar for availability. You just missed the December 20th demonstrations of Christmas Cookie Decorating Tips and Brittles & Barks. We had a great turnout and tons of candies and cookies were given out by Pastry Chef Sandra Mallut to all that attended.

Pastry Chef Sandra Mallut is currently creating new general and specialized baking, tool, candy and more Classes coming at Surfas and updated on the Surfas website calendar Check out Henrietta Poodlestones Bake Shop website for updated product information servicing the Los Angeles are Film/TV industry through baking for Craft Service on local projects.

Henrietta Poodlestones Bake Shop not only services the Entertainment Industry they offer custom cakes and cupcakes, brittles, caramels, barks, cookies, brownies, bars, breakfas items, their amazing Brownie Bite cookies and so much more. You can make orders by email or calling 7 days a week and soon 24 online ordering will be available in 2009. Keep checking for updates.

Thank you my current clients for your business and looking forward to my new clients.

Free Samples delivered to set or location to craft service
Coming soon online product ordering
Custom Cakes & Cupcakes
Handmade Candies, Brittles, Barks
Bars, Brownies, Cookies
Brownie Bite Cookies Specialty Item
Gift Baskets/Boxes
Shipping Nationwide
Delivery 7 days a week to set or location
New Flavors Created all the time
Vegan, Gluten Free and Organic available by special order
Phone: 818-454-8537 or 818-439-6680

Red Velvet Cake & Cupcakes
Fleur de Sel Vanilla Caramels
Triple Threat Chocolate Cupcakes & Cakes
Brownie Bite Cookies mini and jumbo sizes - multiple flavors and gift sets
Lemon Curd Cakes & Cupcakes
Fudge Brownies & Bars of many flavors
French Almond Macaroons

I love hearing about new recipe ideas, please let me know what you love to bake!

Thanks for stopping by will have more information continually.

Chef Sandra Mallut